Universiteit van Amsterdam. A national-stereotypical framework for the Black Legend. Personis attributa, vocal technique and conventional psychologies in Siglo de Oro Europe.

National stereotypes have been a recurrent topic in the history of European political and artistic relations and conventions. This was already so in the early days of Greek and Roman rhetoric, which developed a complex-but-stable system in order to define who does and who does not belong into the prevailing national power structure, on the forensic as well as on the theatrical stage. Having been generally educated in the humanistic disciplines, which used to include rhetoric as the most relevant liberal art within the trivium, the Siglo de Oro authors and theorists generally followed and contributed to this stereotypical tradition. This presentation will acknowledge and analyse certain national-stereotypical features portraying characters, performers, and authors, particularly those ascribing vocal traits to national patterns, from the Siglo de Oro to the bel canto stage.

Presented by Prof. Dr. Lucía Díaz Marroquin. Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Universiteit van Amsterdam. “The Black Legend Staged”. International symposium 1-2 October 2015

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