Assimilation, confrontation and re-interpretation of hybrid European (Italo-Hispanic) vocal influences within a trans-Atlantic environment. HYBRIDA VOX

EYCH2018_Logos_Pink-EN-300HYBRIDA VOX is the acronym for the research project “Assimilation, confrontation and re-interpretation of hybrid European (Italo-Hispanic) vocal influences within a trans-Atlantic environment“, which was awarded funding within the last Santander/UCM/UIU call within the Heritage and Museums section.

Based at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), the research team is a consortium reuniting the UCM, the Universidad Autónoma de México (UAM) y la Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA).

LDM 2016The project’s PI (Principal Investigator) at the UCM is Dr. Lucía Díaz Marroquín, tenured professor at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, where she teaches graduate and post-graduate courses on rhetoric, musicology, comparative literature and technical issues related to the field of voice. She also teaches forensic rhetoric at the Master of Law at the Nebrija University of Madrid. She is the author of monographs such as La retórica de los afectos and La práctica del canto según Manuel Garcíaalong with several research articles. As a mezzo-soprano, she performs as a soloist and as member of chamber ensembles at several Renaissance and Baroque musical productions, both in Europe and in the US, with conductors such as Arthur Haas, Helmut Rilling, Paul Goodwin, Bernard Fabré-Garrus. She is a member of several academic editorial boards, as well as evaluator for Spanish and European scientific agencies such as Horizon 2020.


Dr. Leonardo Funes leads the UBA research team. Professor Funes is Full Professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Buenos Aires, Senior Researcher of the National Council of Scientific and Technological Research of Argentina, Director of the Institute of Bibliographical Research and Textual Criticism  and Director of Incipit, academic journal of textual criticism. Some of his publications are “De la crónica medieval a la crónica de Indias: algunas reflexiones sobre la escritura de la historia en los umbrales de la Modernidad” y “Arte verbal castellano de clerecía Emergencia de una tradición escrita”.


Dr. Maria Ana Beatriz Masera Cerutti is in charge of the UAM group. Since 1996 Maria Ana Beatriz Masera Cerutti has been a researcher in the Centro de Poéticas at the Instituto de Investigaciones Filólogicas, UNAM. She teaches at the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, as well as in the Escuela Nacional de Estudios Superiores, Morelia, UNAM. In 1996 she co-founded the International Society and Congress Lyra Minima Oral. She has lead numerous national and international collective projects since 1997, such as: Poesía y cultura popular novohispana (1997-1999), La otra palabra: literatura y cultura populares de la Nueva España. Literaturas populares de la Nueva España (1690-1820): revisión crítica y rescate documental de textos marginados. She is also responsible for the ongoing projects Literaturas y culturas populares de la Nueva España and Impresos populares mexicanos (1880-1917): rescate y edición crítica.

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